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End-to-End Solutions For a Broad Range of Applications in a Variety of Industries

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Network cabling is the backbone of interconnectivity. With an increasing demand for speed and capacity, copper and fiber optic cabling is now used in almost every industry. That is why we offer end-to-end solutions for a broad range of applications in a variety of industries. Approved Networks is the global leader in providing quick turnaround and reliable cable solutions for sea, land, air, and space applications.

RJ45 Copper Patch Cables

We offer a variety of pre-terminated copper assemblies, including patch cords and copper trunk assemblies (bundles), Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, Cat7a, and Cat8. These solutions are perfect for enterprise, campus, and data center customers who want cost-effective solutions without having to sacrifice performance.

Connector Options: Straight (T568A or T568B), Crossover, Rollover, T1, and Loopback

Boot Options: Molded, Snagless, Slim, Bootless

Benefits:All our products are heat resistant, malleable, and ductile, with excellent conductivity compliance. They include: RoHS, ANSI/TIA 568, ANSI/TIA 1096-A, CENELEC EN 50173 - IEC 60603-7 - ISO-8877 - ISO/IEC 11801 - UL1863, FCC part 68, IEEE 802.3

Compliance: RoHS, ANSI/TIA 568, ANSI/TIA 1096-A, CENELEC EN 50173 - IEC 60603-7 - ISO-8877 - ISO/IEC 11801 - UL1863, FCC part 68, IEEE 802.3

Fiber Optic Patch Cables

With a variety of multi-mode (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM4+, and OM5) and single-mode options (OS1 and OS2), Approved Networks patch cables are designed to optimize performance while remaining cost-effective. Approved Networks’ cables are rigorously tested for repeatability and loss. They utilize emerging technologies to satisfy smart data center demands of up to 400GB and beyond.

Connector Options: ST, SC, FC, LC, MT-RJ, MU, mSFP, MTP12, MTP16, MTP24, MTP32, CS, SN in single-mode and multi-mode configurations

Benefits: Our cables are lighter, thinner, and faster. They have greater bandwidth than copper and are resistant to fire/gas. They also have low insertion loss and attenuation and provide excellent environmental adaptability.

Compliance: RoHS, EN 50173-2, ISO IEC 11801, IEEE 802.3, IEC 60793, TIA/EIA-492

MTP Breakout Cables

With options available in multi-mode, single-mode, and multiple core sizes, Approved Networks’ MTP breakout cables provide ideal connections for patch panels, data distribution, and transceiver routing. They are also excellent for 40GB and 400GB environments. Our breakout assemblies free up to 80% more space and reduce costs by up to 25%.

Connector Options: MTP8, MTP12, MTP16, MTP20, MTP24, MTP32 breakout to single-fiber leads terminated with LC, MU, FC, mSFP, SC, ST, MTP, CS and SN connectors.

Benefits: MTP breakout cables are manufactured with MTP Elite fiber optic connectors, resulting in better reflectance/loss properties than MPO. They can be fully configured for breakout length and stagger. Approved Networks’ riser, plenum, and LSZH cables are fire and gas resistant and are available Armored. They are available in nearly every fiber jacket size.

Compliance: RoHS, EN 50173-2, ISO IEC 11801, IEEE 802.3, IEC 60793, TIA/EIA-492

Fiber Trunk Cables

Approved Networks’ multi-fiber come with a variety of multi-mode and single-mode options. Our multi-connector cable solutions are designed for best-in-class data center installations. They provide ideal solutions when time is of the essence or standardization is valued.

Approved Networks’ trunk cabling minimizes pathway congestion and enables the data center to scale quickly. Accommodating technologies (such as parallel optics) are used in 32/64/128GB fiber channel and 10/40/100/400GB Ethernet.

Connector Options: ST, SC, FC, LC, MT-RJ, MU, mSFP, MTP8, MTP12, MTP16, MTP20, MTP24, MTP32, SN and CS connectors.

Benefits: Fiber trunk cables reduce on-site installation time by up to 75%. Configurations are available for 12 to 576 strand fibers, eliminating field termination while reducing pulling and cable dressing time. This minimizes delays caused by pre-testing, factory termination, and labeling.

Compliance: RoHS, EN 50173-2, ISO IEC 11801, IEEE 802.3, IEC 60793, TIA/EIA-492

Corning Gold

Approved Networks offers Corning Gold fiber optic jumpers and pigtails in SM, OM2, OM3, and OM4 fiber; with LC, SC, ST, MTRJ, FC in UPC, or APC connectors. LC Uniboot connectors are also available in Uniboot-to-Uniboot configuration, Uniboot-to-standard LC, or SC connectors.

We supply the highest quality Corning Gold products. Our materials are fully tested for optical performance, end-face criteria, and cleanliness. We also test Corning specifications for insertion and return loss.

As a provider of Corning Cable System's CAH ConnectionsSM Gold Program, Approved Networks recognizes the importance of utilizing quality cable assembly houses that meet the high standards put forth by Corning Cable Systems; a trusted industry name in fiber optic components. We provide superior products and offer annual training in their use.

Additional Advantages

  • A 25-year warranty on any defective cable
  • All aspects are entirely built with Corning components
  • Our Corning Gold products are built locally and can be delivered in less than a week
  • Corning Gold cables arrive labeled and packaged with Corning branding
  • Using Corning Gold products decreases the possibility of damaging equipment that runs at a higher temperature
  • Pushes excessive data at longer distances
  • Eliminates the risk of damaging cables, switches, or any other equipment
  • Built by certified Corning Gold technicians

As with all of our cable products, Corning Gold solutions meet the following compliance certifications:

More about Corning Gold

The CAH ConnectionsSM Gold Program represents the highest standard for manufacturers of optical patch cords. Corning materials adhere to recommended manufacturing processes and pass annual audits conducted by our experts.

As a result, Corning offers a 25-year Extended WarrantySM Program coverage to include simplex and duplex patch cords that are manufactured by CAH Connections Gold Program members.