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Illuminations Podcast

Shedding Light on the Fiber Optics Industry

Welcome to the Illuminations Podcast, presented by Approved Networks, where we shed light on the world of network technology and bring the future of connectivity into focus. In every episode, we dive deep into the pulse of networking infrastructure, exploring the brilliant innovations and technical challenges shaping your network telecommunications and the internet's backbone.

Join us as we engage with industry experts, thought leaders, and the architects behind the most groundbreaking network technologies of our time. From the evolution of OEM agnostic fiber optics to the deployment of 5G and beyond, the Illuminations Podcast is your source for the insights and stories behind the networks that power our world.

Networking professionals, technology enthusiasts, and those curious about the digital landscape will be enlightened by discussions on the latest trends, research breakthroughs, and the future vision of connectivity. Gain clarity on the complex world of network technology as we illuminate the connections that shape our digital lives.

Tune in to the Illuminations Podcast and join the conversation that's lighting up the world of network technology. Subscribe now on YouTube and never miss an episode. Welcome to the network of tomorrow, today.

Ep. 1 - From 1G to 800G: The OEM Alternative Optics Story

Approved Networks was founded on the principles of excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Recognizing the need for cost-effective, reliable, and high-performance networking solutions, Approved Networks set out to push the boundaries of innovation and become a recognized leader in the optical networking industry.

Mika Landau, an OEM-agnostic fiber optics industry veteran, shares the story of the industry's evolution and Approved Networks' history.

Why Approved Networks? Quality and compatibility, deliverability and service.

Ep. 2 - Your Optical Connectivity:
Coded and Tested in Your Network Environment

Approved Networks operates based on our deep commitment to transceiver and fiber optic innovation. To that end, we've invested significantly in our engineering talent and advanced testing facilities. We focus on staying at the forefront of optical technology, enabling us to offer tailor-made solutions that meet our clients' current networking needs and ensure their systems are future-proof.

In our cutting-edge lab, our dedicated team of experts specializes in developing and meticulously testing fiber optic solutions to enhance compatibility with OEM equipment and remove connectivity obstacles. This rigorous approach to testing and development solidifies our global reputation as a highly dependable and proficient coding and testing lab for transceivers and fiber optics.

Ep. 3 - 400G ZR and ZR+ Coherent Optics Simplified

In this enlightening episode of "Illuminations," we examine what makes 400G ZR and ZR+ transceivers the titans of modern optical networking. As the world demands faster, more reliable internet connections, these transceivers emerge as key players in meeting global requirements. Join Kevin Kearney as he unravels and simplifies the layers of innovation and technical prowess that have shaped the development of 400G ZR and ZR+ coherent technology.

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