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Case Studies

Optical Network Success Stories

Carrier/Service Providers

Service providers success stories

Approved Networks Delivers Much Needed Bandwidth to Regional Data Services Provider - Fast

A data services provider in the Southeastern United States was faced with a serious time crunch.

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Approved Networks Open Network Solution Passes the Test, Excels in Service Provider Network

A service provider based in a large Midwestern city needed a new solution for a brownfield application.

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Approved Networks Performance, Logistics Expertise Help Large Service Provider Save in Multiple Ways

A large US service provider was under considerable pressure to reduce capital and operating expenses for a large deployment in their edge network.

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Cost Savings Future Proof Capacity to Independent Service Provider

An independent service provider was leasing space in a retail data center. They anticipated their future growth would mean incurring high annual fees for additional cross-connects between suites within the data center.

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TEC Increases Efficiency with Approved Networks Open Network Switches

EC, a service provider based in the Southeast US, was in need of a DC-powered 10G network switch to add network redundancy for high availability and efficiency in a cluster system.

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Education success stories

Approved Networks Brings Multi-Platform Compatibility Expertise to Large University

A prominent southeastern college, one of the largest US universities by enrollment, was a longtime user of Approved Networks’ optical transceivers with their Avaya equipment, citing superior performance to the OEM’s own transceivers.

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Approved Networks Keeps University on Schedule with Expertise

A university in a mid-size Midwestern city awarded Approved Networks their 10G, 40G, and 100G optical transceiver business from an RFP issued as part of a network upgrade.

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Effingham County Enhances Education by Partnering with Approved Networks

For years, Effingham County School District in southeastern Georgia prided itself on being a technologically-advanced district.

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Public University Expands Bandwidth Using Approved Networks Passives and Amplifiers

A large public research university discovered that the bandwidth it had budgeted throughout their network would be unable to support their goals and initiatives going forward.

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Health industry success stories

Leading Health Care System Leverages Approved Networks to Expand Network

One of the nation’s leading health care systems experienced rapid growth through acquisition of other local hospitals and medical centers.

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Martin Health Equips Its Network for the Needs of Today . . . and Tomorrow

Martin Health, a top-ranked nonprofit hospital system along Florida’s Atlantic coast, was beginning to feel the pressure of bandwidth constraints between two hospitals, roughly 32km apart.

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Prominent Health Care Network Saves +$300,000 with Approved Networks

This hospital system planned to invest heavily in its broadband infrastructure to improve the flow of information for X-rays, imaging, and Electronic Health Record (EHR) transmission to improve patient care.

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Government success stories

Approved Networks Helps Keep Southern California Traffic Safe

The network administrator for a mid-size city in Southern California was preparing to install a series of traffic cameras around the city, all feeding into a Cisco 9500 series switch.

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Midwest Airport Employs Approved Networks’ Open Line System to Connect New Terminal

The international airport that serves a large Midwestern metropolitan area is planning a largescale new terminal build.

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