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Case Study #5

TEC Increases Efficiency with Approved Networks Open Network Switches

Network Availability + Efficiency

3-Layer Functionality

"One thing I noticed about dealing with Approved Networks is the great support they have. I was able to get answers quickly, and that’s a big thing for us... The relationship between Approved Networks and Cumulus has been really good . . . [They’ve] been absolutely wonderful supporting this equipment, and it’s been working very well for us.”
Keith Hopkins, TEC System Engineer


TEC, a service provider based in the Southeast US, was in need of a DC-powered 10G network switch to add network redundancy for high availability and efficiency in a cluster system. The switches from their network platform OEM were deemed too expensive, so they began to investigate open networking (white box) switches. However, they struggled to find a switch with the right power requirements from online retailers.


Approved Networks provided a 10G open network switch with six 40G uplink ports and 48VDC power. It was paired with the latest Cumulus Linux software from Cumulus Networks. Both Approved Networks and Cumulus provided full collaborative support throughout the deployment process.


At a cost-effective price, Approved Networks was able to provide TEC with a solution that satisfied their network redundancy needs to improve the availability and efficiency of their network. The timely, responsive support provided by both Approved Networks and Cumulus alleviated many potential deployment challenges. Lastly, the open networking solution gave this service provider the added flexibility to add Layer 3 functionality later.