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Data Sheets

For Optical Transceivers, DACs, AOCs, Cables, Passives, OnePort, and Champion ONE Legacy Products

Optical Transceivers


Optical Transceivers

Passport Universally Compatible Transceivers

Simplicity. Flexibility. Interoperability. These are the vital benefits our Passport line of optics provides. Instead of ordering a multitude of platform-specific optics, Passport’s open methodology allows network operators to maximize operational efficiency by selecting one transceiver that works reliably across multiple switch and router platforms.

Sureport™ OEM Compatible Transceivers

For the superior convenience and ease of use for one-to-one platform compatibility, look no further than our Sureport line of brand specific optical transceivers. These carrier-grade transceivers are designed and tested to fit seamlessly with your existing OEM platform.

Direct Attached Copper

200G DAC


400G DAC


Active Electrical Cables

400G AEC


400G QSFP-DD Breakout

400G OSFP-DD Breakout

Passive WDMs


OSP Submersible DWDM 2 Fiber, 2 Channel Mux/Demux with Express Port

Single Fiber OSP DWDM 16 Channel 8 Service Demux

Single Fiber OSP DWDM 16 Channel 8 Service Mux

1 Channel Dual Fiber DWDM OSP OADM

4 Channel Dual Fiber DWDM OADM

8 Channel Dual Fiber DWDM Mux/Demux + Express for 8 Skip 1 Channel Plan

16 Channels + 1310PB + Express Channel DWDM Mux/Demux

8 + 1 Channel DWDM w/ 1310nm Wideband Port

40 Channel Dual Fiber Gaussian DWDM Mux/Demux

40 Channel Dual Fiber DWDM Mux/Demux 19” Rack with Gaussian AWG Filter

40 Channel DWDM Mux/Demux

8 Channel Single Fiber DWDM OADM LGX

8 Channel / 4 Service Single Fiber DWDM Mux + Express LGX

16 Ch. / 8 Srv. DWDM 100GHz Spacing, Single Fiber, Mux/Demux, LC/UPC, No Skip, LGX, Mon., Standard EXP

16+1 Ch. Single Fiber DWDM Mux + EXP with OTDR for 8 Skip 1 Ch. Plan

16 Ch. Single Fiber DWDM Mux + EXP for 8 Skip 1 Ch. Plan

Champion ONE Legacy

To access the Champion ONE legacy products data sheets, please click the button bellow and browse by product category.