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Connecting Next-Generation Enterprise Networks, Large and Small

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Today’s enterprise networks are complex, often requiring extra support across campuses, data centers, and telecommunication environments. For over twenty-five years, the Approved Networks family of brands has provided domain experience and guidance in every aspect of critical IT networking. We have unique insights into how modern companies rely on network connectivity to manage all facets of their business. We deliver optical solutions to the largest and most diverse global customers in the industry.

Our optical solutions and services make operating your network easier and cost-effective. Enterprise networks, both large and small, choose Approved Networks for their connectivity needs. We increase bandwidth reliability while decreasing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Comprehensive Product Line

Our products include Transceivers, Direct Attach Cables (DACs), and Active Optical Cable (AOC) solutions with 1G to 800G compatibility. We offer over 90 switch routers and server OEMs, including Arista, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Juniper, Mellanox, Nokia, and more.

Customized Solutions

We provide multi-vendor, custom-coded solutions that meet your requirements - not the OEMs.

Complete Cable Line

We offer a broad range of RJ45, Multi-Mode (MM), and Single-Mode (SM) fiber solutions, including patch, jumper, bundle, breakout, and trunk.

Reduce Risk

Our products are fully tested for optical compliance and system compatibility and backed by our industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Immediate Availability

Our extensive inventory allows us to ship 95% of our orders on the same day.


For more than twenty years, we have been a reliable partner with Tier 1 Optical Contract Manufacturers (OCMs); the same manufacturers used by OEMs.

Popular Products

100/1000BASE Transceivers

Active Optical Cables

Direct Attach Copper Cables