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Learning with Larry

Larry Legg is a well-recognized expert in the telecommunications field with 33 years of key decision-making responsibility. He stays on the cutting edge in the industry, continuously seeking knowledge to create innovative solutions. Click to explore Larry's ongoing informational series.

Learn with Larry

About Coherent Optics, Part 2

In our first discussion on Coherent Optics, we explored the difference between NRZ, PAM4… Full article

Upgrading Server Connections to 25GbE in the Data Center

If you are noticing your organization’s network needs a little extra speed in 2023, but your b… Full article

To BiDi or Not To BiDi: The Pros and Cons of 25G and Bi-Directional

This is part of an ongoing series with Larry Legg, Senior Product Design Engineer at Appro… Full article

Approved Networks Releases 100G QSFP28 Universal Transceiver

Approved’s New QSFP28 Universal Transceiver Provides an Alternative Solution for MultiMode LC… Full article

Coherent Optics: What’s all the Fuss About?

We are hearing the term “Coherent Optics” used liberally in relation to high bitrate trans… Full article

Multi-Mode or Single-Mode Fiber? We Have the Answer!

When designing the 100G networking, have you ever spent time determining what fiber type (… Full article

5G Fronthaul Transmissions with 25G Optics

We recently posted about 25G optics in applications of the 5G radio access network (RAN)… Full article

How to Address the Price Increase Dilemma

Higher prices are hitting us all, and many consumers have become “Deal Detectives” snoopin… Full article

Use the 25G BiDi to Conserve Fiber in 5G RAN Fronthaul

In my article How To Build Your 5G RAN Fronthaul, I discussed how to select the right o… Full article

What's Up, PoP?

Question: What’s up, PoP? Larry Legg says: A PoP (or Point of Presence)… Full article

NRZ vs PAM4 – What’s the Difference?

As optical transceivers increase capacity and reach, new and more efficient modulation sch… Full article

How To Build Your 5G RAN Fronthaul

At the Wireless Infrastructure Association’s Connect (X) 2022 conference in Denver earlier… Full article