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Learning with Larry

Larry Legg is a well-recognized expert in the telecommunications field with 33 years of key decision-making responsibility. He stays on the cutting edge in the industry, continuously seeking knowledge to create innovative solutions. Click to explore Larry's ongoing informational series.

Learn with Larry

A Look at the Fiber Optic Tech Horizon

Currently, there are several 800G optics available on the market, either in production or in t…
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Fiber Optics of the Near Future: 400ZR and 400ZR+

The world of fiber optic communication is endlessly evolving, with new technologies being…
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The China Tech Recovery

Navigating Regulatory Crackdowns and Embracing Emerging Technologies China's tech industry has…
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A New Internet Speed Record

The idea of “fast” has been around forever. A fast horse is quite different from a fast car, w…
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A Turning Point of Innovation at OFC 2023

There was a palpable energy at the 2023 OFC (Optical Fiber Communications) conference in March…
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The 400G High-Speed Optics Outlook

In March, at the OFC 2023 (Optical Fiber Communications conference and exhibition), it was ver…
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A Guide to Filters and Splitters

Choosing the right optical filter is like choosing the best sunglasses for your eyes. Too dark…
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Transoceanic Fiber Optics: The Cable That Runs the Tech World

A few years ago, an underwater cable broke, plunging a nation into Internet darkness. While some…
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What is Power and Why Does it Matter in Optical Circuits?

Have you considered the question: “How much power does an optical transceiver have?” Or: “How…
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Speed Up High-Performance Computing with 200G InfiniBand HDR

The fastest supercomputers today run at an Exaflop per second. And, yes, that’s as fa…
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4 Ways to Select the Right Fiber Optic Mode and Type

We understand the basic composition of a fiber optic cable — core, cladding, buffer — and that…
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DWDM Back To Basics

In this edition of Learning with Larry, I’m going to discuss C-Band DWDM, a.k.a. Dense Wave…
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