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Approved Networks Releases Groundbreaking OSFP 800G SR8 Transceiver, Redefining High-Speed Connectivity

Posted by Lakeisha Turks on Apr 8, 2024

Revolutionizing Data Centers and Broadband: The New 800G Transceiver Drastically Increases Speed and Efficiency for Next-Generation Networks

Lake Forest, California: Approved Networks, a brand of Legrand, the leading provider of optical networking technology, announced the general release of its new OSFP 800G SR8 transceiver. This state-of-the-art transceiver exceeds high-speed data transmission standards, providing a new solution for data centers and broadband providers to support data-intensive applications and enable real-time AI processing across networks.

"Our customers are about to experience the future of connectivity with the OSFP 800G SR8 transceiver" said Brian Patton, VP of Engineering at Approved Networks. "The demand for fast, data-driven connectivity is increasing. Our 800G solution is a direct response to this challenge. The 800G SR8 transceiver not only meets but exceeds this growing demand, facilitating ultra-fast data transmission up to 800 Gbps, and ensuring unparalleled throughput for the most data-heavy applications."

The 800G optical transceiver enables:

  • Increased Bandwidth: Higher bandwidth capacity, resulting in faster data transfer and more efficient handling of processes across network infrastructures.
  • Real-time AI Processing: Enhances network intelligence, meeting the demands of machine learning that require quick and reliable data exchanges.
  • Optimized Data-Centric Applications: Data centers and broadband providers can support data-heavy tasks without sacrificing speed, performance, or productivity.

For more information on the 800G SR8 transceiver, check it out here.