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Industry-leading technical support

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I recode other companies' transceivers? What about prior purchased Approved, US Critical, Champion One, or Legrand transceivers?
A: No. Only the new OnePort transceivers, DACs, and AOCs can be coded on the OnePort box.

Q: What does the box require to work? Do I need a power adapter?
A: The OnePort device requires only a single USB connection via the supplied micro-USB cable to your computer. No additional power is required.

Q: How to download the latest version of the OnePort software?
A: To download the latest version, please register your OnePort programmer.

Q: Can I tune transceivers in the field?
A: Yes, the new OnePort transceivers, using the OnePort Version 2, are tunable in the field.


Before accessing the latest software, please register your OnePort programmer.

Technical Support

Approved Networks provides the same industry-leading technical support and product warranty for all programmable OnePort (OP) transceivers, DACs and AOCs as provided on all pre-programmed products. This includes our toll-free technical support and limited lifetime warranty.

Industry-leading technical support

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Industry-leading technical support

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