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Artificial Intelligence

Maximize Your Network's Performance:
Optimizing for AI Applications

Artificial intelligence (AI) relies heavily on advanced high-performance computing systems to process huge quantities of data and perform complex calculations to carry out its tasks. Approved Networks’ optical networking solutions support AI applications with high-speed data rates up to 800G, exceptional bandwidth, and unmatched dependability. Our cutting-edge technology meets the demands of data-intensive applications and enables seamless real-time AI processing across networks.

Revolutionize AI Technology, Optically

Approved’s optical networking solutions facilitate the seamless integration of AI applications in both networking and software systems.

  • Data Centers: With the increasing demand for AI applications and deployments, data centers are becoming more complex in order to store and process higher volumes of data. Optical transceivers with high data rates, such as 100G, 200G, 400G or 800G, enable fast and reliable data transfer to meet the demands of AI workloads.
  • Broadband and Telecommunication: Approved enables you to enhance the efficiency of your broadband network by increasing its capacity, speed, and reliability, while ensuring it can adapt to future demands with minimal additional investment. Our solutions are a cornerstone of modern telecommunications infrastructure, poised to support ongoing digital transformation and the proliferation of AI technologies.
  • Edge Infrastructure: Edge computing enables AI processing at the edge of the network, closer to the data source. Our solutions enable the high-speed connections, required for real-time data sharing and communication between edge devices and data centers.

By addressing the critical needs for high-performance computing, lightning-fast data connectivity, and seamless scalability, Approved Networks' optical networking solutions unlock the full potential of AI.

100% Mellanox/Nvidia Compatible

Through Approved Networks' state-of-the-art lab, our team of engineers and technicians can develop and test our optical solutions, breaking down connectivity barriers for Mellanox/Nvidia equipment. This enables us to seamlessly integrate AI applications into both networking and software systems. Our comprehensive test model sets us apart as leaders in the industry. With decades of experience in high-speed optical networking verification, Approved Networks has established itself globally as a trusted and reliable testing lab for major enterprises and data centers.

Service and Support

Approved Networks provides industry-leading technical support and limited lifetime warranty for most of our products including optical tranceivers, DACs, AOCs, AECs, Passives, Cables, and Cable Management.

Approved Networks Customer Satisfaction

We strive to deliver in a Class by Itself ServiceTM. Our customers have taken notice of our commitment to exceptional service, earning us a Net Promoter Score of 89, far above the industry average of 21.2.

Industry-leading technical support Lifetime limited warranty Net promoter score of 89

AI Optical Connectivity Solutions

200G QSFP56 SR4 InfiniBand HDR
Optical Transceiver

200G QSFP56 InfiniBand HDR
Active Optical Cable

200G QSFP56 InfiniBand HDR
Active Optical Cable Breakout

100G QSFP28 InfiniBand EDR
Passive DAC Cable