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Delivering Bandwidth and Security For Today’s Collaborative Student Experience

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Educational institutions at all levels increasingly depend on connectivity to deliver engaging and effective learning experiences. Limited budgets, increased security requirements, and soaring bandwidth needs have put stress on IT professionals in charge of delivering these solutions.

High-speed networks such as Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), broadcast, multicast, simulation, online labs, and advanced research facilities are essential for education systems looking to create new learning models. Since early 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced education systems to expand beyond in-person learning and support reliable, efficient, and secure technology for remote instruction.

Approved Networks understands the needs and challenges that students and faculty face in educational institutions when they are faced with bandwidth and network reliability issues. The technology needed to meet these increasing demands requires capital. Schools and colleges turn to Approved Networks to provide reliable and affordable alternatives as opposed to the prohibitive costs of OEM network solutions.

Comprehensive Product Line

We offer transceiver, Direct Attach Cable (DAC), Active Optical Cable (AOC) solutions from 1G to 800G that are compatible with switches, routers and servers from over ninety OEMs including Arista, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Juniper, Mellanox, and Nokia.

Customized Solutions

Multi-vendor, custom-coded solutions that meet your requirements - not the OEMs.

Complete Line of Copper & Fiber Optic Cables

There is a broad range of RJ45, Multi-Mode (MM), and Single-Mode (SM) fiber solutions for patch, jumper, bundle, breakout, and trunk problems.

Proven Reliability

We have been partnering with Tier 1 Optical Contract Manufacturers (OCMs) for over twenty years, the same manufacturers used by OEMs.

Reduce Risk

Our products are fully tested for optical compliance and system compatibility and backed by an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Avoid Costly Delays

Our extensive inventory allows us to ship 95% of our orders on the same day.

Case Studies

50% Reduction
in Leased Fiber Costs

Approved Networks Brings Multi-Platform Compatibility Expertise to Large University

A prominent southeastern college, one of the largest US universities by enrollment, was a longtime user of Approved Networks’ optical transceivers with their Avaya equipment... Full Article »

Quick and Painless

Approved Networks Keeps University on Schedule with Expertise

A university in a mid-size Midwestern city awarded Approved Networks their 10G, 40G, and 100G optical transceiver business from an RFP issued as part of a network upgrade. Full Article »

50% Reduction
in Leased Fiber

Effingham County Enhances Education by Partnering with Approved Networks

For years, Effingham County School District in southeastern Georgia prided itself on being a technologically-advanced district. Full Article »

60% Savings Over Comparable Active Solution

Public University Expands Bandwidth Using Approved Networks Passives and Amplifiers

A large public research university discovered that the bandwidth it had budgeted throughout their network would be unable... Full Article »

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