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Education Solutions

Case Study #1

Approved Networks Brings Multi-Platform Compatibility Expertise
to Large University

10 Years
as a Trusted Optical Partner

50% Reduction
in Leased Fiber Costs

100% Success Rate
For Programming Compatibility


A prominent southeastern college, one of the largest US universities by enrollment, was a longtime user of Approved Networks’ optical transceivers with their Avaya equipment, citing superior performance to the OEM’s own transceivers. However, after a forklift network upgrade to Cisco, they began purchasing Cisco-bundled optics. When they began upgrading inter-campus links from 1G to 10G, the cost of the upgrade itself made the leased fiber costs unbearable.


Approved Networks provided Cisco-compatible 10G single fiber (bi-di) transceivers, offering full-duplex 10G service over a single strand of fiber. These transceivers were not offered as part of Cisco’s standard bundle.


Approved’s proven track record of compatibility expertise with a previous network platform led the college to return to Approved Networks to solve their next challenge. By providing a solution that was absent from the network platform’s standard offering, Approved Networks facilitated this crucial network upgrade by reducing leased fiber costs by up to 50%. Since this upgrade, the college has continued to turn to Approved Networks for subsequent projects, earning the status of trusted optical networking partner.