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Healthcare Solutions

Fast, Reliable, and Secure Connections Professionals Can Rely On

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Reliable and secure network connectivity is critical to health care IT infrastructure. New optical technology allows providers to interact more efficiently to improve patient care, and to ensure the safety of medical devices. But when it comes to infrastructure, health care systems are hindered by physical, signal, and transmission density issues. We understand the unique dynamics of Healthcare Provider Organizations (HPOs). Approved Networks makes it our mission to continually help companies solve these intricate problems.

Approved Networks has helped customers reduce spending by offering operational simplicity for off-the-shelf solutions. For over thirty years, we have been providing end-to-end solutions for multi-facility and multi-campus connectivity.

Whether you are looking to reduce spending, affordably migrate to faster data rates, increase bandwidth to address medical file/image sharing, implement teleradiology, assist in remote surgery and telemedicine, or advance wireless technology, Approved Networks is the optimal choice for healthcare providers seeking more affordable OEM solutions and maximize value within their IT supply chain.

OEM Diagnostic Product Line

Whether it is intrahospital or interhospital, reducing spending is critical to maintaining profitability in the health care sector. With coded solutions for over 90 OEMs, our optical solutions operate in the most rigorous environments, while our CWDM and DWM passive filters allow healthcare providers to maximize their bandwidth both in and out of the network.

Spend & Risk

Approved Networks’ history of reducing hospital spending by over 80% annually is matched only by the quality and reliability of our optical solutions. Approved Networks rigorously tests standards for both compliance and compatibility at an industry-leading 99.97% reliability rate.

Standards-Based Optical Transceivers

Understanding the connectivity requirements of health care providers is how Approved Networks became the industry leader in quality and compliance. Our form factors and electrical interfaces adhere to the appropriate Multi-Source Agreement (MSA), allowing for a consistent supply of quality products.

Approved Networks’ line of SFP, SFP+. SFP28. QSFP+, and QSFP28 transceivers are certified and NEBS compliant. Our optical solutions remain at the highest quality, safety, and reliability in all environments.