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Healthcare Solutions

Case Study #1

Leading Health Care System Leverages Approved Networks
to Expand Network

70% Savings
Over OEM Products

Field and Procurement Operations

“The savings we see from Approved Networks are terrific... 10G DWDM optics alone were costing us $10k for a pair, whereas we are able to significantly increase savings with Approved Networks.”
Network Design Architect


One of the nation’s leading health care systems experienced rapid growth through acquisition of other local hospitals and medical centers. The entire system had grown to include several hundred hospitals, clinics, and urgent care centers. Integrating the various IT systems at all these new facilities became increasingly complex, and it soon became apparent that a core network upgrade was necessary to provide sufficient bandwidth across all locations.


Approved Networks provided a tailored solution, supplying a wide assortment of optical transceivers to scale and ensure all network needs were addressed and solved. Products included 1G and 10G optics programmed for use in Cisco devices, as well as inventory-saving tunable DWDM transceivers.


The prominent health care system saved an average of 70% over comparable OEM products, with Approved’s open standards-based optical transceivers. These tremendous savings enabled the customer to conserve resources for continual network expansion to accommodate incremental growth in the future. On an operational level, Approved Networks’ wide-ranging compatibility expertise simplified operations both in the field and in the procurement office by supplying optics across the health care system’s many OEM platforms.

Engineering experienced further operational simplicity using tunable transceivers: Instead of sparing fixed-channel parts for 26 DWDM channels, one single part served as a spare across all channels. As they continue to grow and add services on this DWDM network ring, the sparing inventory will remain simple. Furthermore, Approved’s consultative approach solidified the customer relationship, earning the status of trusted business partner.