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QSFP28-ZR4 in stock!

Extend your distance and budget with Approved Networks QSFP28 ZR4! Capable of distances of up to 80Km without the need of Forward Error Correction (FEC) in most major platforms, the 100G ZR4 can be a logical alternative to our more expensive coherent solution while allowing customers to utilize the popular QSFP28 port found in the majority of network switches.


400G to 800G and Beyond in the Data Center

Most enterprises operate on a 3-to-5-year equipment replacement lifecycle. In 3 years or less, 800G will be a reality. Servers are only going to increase in capability; 1 x Tbps per port may even be available soon.

The OnePort is Here!

Approved Networks transceivers, DACs and AOCs can be coded with speed and efficiency no matter where you are. The OnePort programmer from Approved Networks is conveniently small and portable with proprietary software that is both intuitive and easy-to-use. OnePort takes the complexity out of coding, whether programming a single transceiver or an entire batch.

The Future of Fiber

Over a 60-year period, optical fiber communication has surpassed copper and wireless capabilities in terms of speed and efficiency. Where will the next 50 to 60 years take us? As various global, national, and local initiatives to boost broadband coverage are executed and a greater focus on green initiatives emerges, there will be many changes driven by advanced fiber networks.

We are NEBS Certified!

Approved Networks optical transceivers have undergone and passed the Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) compliance test through Intertek, the industry leader in quality assurance testing. Our optical transceivers were put through extremes to ensure they can withstand maximal temperature, vibration, and humidity for continuous network integrity in the harshest environments.

Our DAC & AOC Application Notes

In high-density deployments at the server access layer, Approved Networks breakout DACs are ideal for connecting a Top-of-Rack switch to servers. For example, using a 40G QSFP+ to 4x 10G SFP+ breakout DAC to connect a 40G port of the ToR switch to four 10G servers lowers the cost and complexity of these connections

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