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QSFP28-ZR4 in stock!

Extend your distance and budget with Approved Networks QSFP28 ZR4!

Capable of distances of up to 80Km without the need of Forward Error Correction (FEC) in most major platforms, the 100G ZR4 can be a logical alternative to our more expensive coherent solution while allowing customers to utilize the popular QSFP28 port found in the majority of network switches.

PON, DOCSIS cable modem, MetroE, FWA, mobile, StarLink, etc

The Last Mile Conundrum

“We need more power! We need more speed!” - The battle cry of the end user.

Our reply is: “We can do that!”

But how? How do we reach the end users with enough bandwidth and speed? The options of PON, DOCSIS cable modem, Metro-Ethernet (MetroE), Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), mobile cellular, StarLink, etc., all provide a solution to enable greater speed and bandwidth to the end user.

OnePort programmer

The OnePort is Here!

Approved Networks transceivers, DACs and AOCs can be coded with speed and efficiency no matter where you are.

The OnePort programmer from Approved Networks is conveniently small and portable with proprietary software that is both intuitive and easy-to-use. OnePort takes the complexity out of coding, whether programming a single transceiver or an entire batch.


Avoid Data Center Drama

Get Higher Efficiency During Deployment

Data center operators continue looking for ways to improve efficiency in all areas. They may be searching for solutions in deployment, cooling, energy, and/or rack space usage.

The right Direct Attach Copper cables (DACs) and Active Optical Cables (AOCs) can be very helpful in obtaining these goals.

NEBS certified

We are NEBS Certified!

Approved Networks optical transceivers have undergone and passed the Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) compliance test through Intertek, the industry leader in quality assurance testing.

Our optical transceivers were put through extremes to ensure they can withstand maximal temperature, vibration, and humidity for continuous network integrity in the harshest environments.

The bandwidth monster - fiber endpoints in the data center

The Bandwidth Monster and Fiber Endpoints

Question: How do I design my fiber network based on distance and bandwidth requirements?

Larry Legg says: "When we talk fiber in the optical networking realm, we don’t mean healthy dietary supplements. Fiber-optic telecommunications technology is used for delivering broadband network access to end-customers – whether to the business or the home. That’s the easy explanation."

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