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Healthcare Solutions

Case Study #2

Martin Health Equips Its Network for the Needs of Today... and Tomorrow

Increased Bandwidth
Without Additional Fiber Costs

Reliable, Error-Free,
Network Link

“[Approved Networks has been] a fantastic partner, giving us a great solution without any headaches at an affordable price. Great technology, great price, great quality!”
Esdras Adames, Martin Health Systems Senior Network Analyst


Martin Health, a top-ranked nonprofit hospital system along Florida’s Atlantic coast, was beginning to feel the pressure of bandwidth constraints between two hospitals, roughly 32km apart. These facilities needed as much bandwidth as possible on the 2 leased strands of existing fiber. There was no room in the budget (or in the foreseeable future) to lay or lease additional fiber.


Martin Health turned to Approved Networks, who had been their trusted business partner for Cisco-compatible single fiber (bi-directional) transceivers for several years. Approved Networks provided a point-to-point DWDM Mux/Demux system. This solution increases the bandwidth over existing fiber by 4x, effectively turning 10G into 40G. The additional capacity of the filter means they could double this bandwidth, for an effective data rate of 80G!


Approved’s passive networking solution enabled Martin Health to add bandwidth between two hospitals without incurring the cost of leasing additional fiber. In the three years since this solution was deployed, there have been no network errors over this simple, reliable network link. Martin Health has been so pleased with the performance of Approved Networks’ solution that they have deployed the same solution to connect a third hospital, with similar room for service expansion in the future.