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Education Solutions

Case Study #4

Public University Expands Bandwidth
Using Approved Networks Passives and Amplifiers

40 New Links Added Data Centers

Zero Miles of Additional Leased Fiber

60% Savings Over Comparable Active Solution


A large public research university discovered that the bandwidth it had budgeted throughout their network would be unable to support their goals and initiatives going forward. Their medical and engineering colleges wouldn’t be able to participate in prestigious projects that require high-speed data transfer. At the same time, engineers noticed increasing congestion in the links between dormitories and data centers.


Approved Networks provided a complete, end-to-end passive solution featuring DWDM transceivers, passive filters, and amplifiers for the network ring connecting two data centers with a local service provider facility. Each data center held two 40-channel DWDM mux/demuxes and two amplifiers. The local service provider held an 8-channel DWDM OADM to drop off 8 services.


The solutions provided by Approved Networks allowed the university to relieve network congestion between their two data centers by adding 40 new links of service, without running any additional fiber between the two locations. This greatly improved the quality of data transmission for students and faculty alike. The entire project cost the university 60% less than what they could have spent on a comparable active solution, freeing up hundreds of thousands of dollars to reinvest in the network.