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Government Solutions

Case Study #2

Midwest Airport Employs Approved Networks’ Open Line System
to Connect New Terminal

800G Total Throughput Capacity Deployed

62.5% Excess Capacity Built in For Future Growth

39 Additional New Terminal Gates Connected


The international airport that serves a large Midwestern metropolitan area is planning a largescale new terminal build. As part of this project, they will need to connect their main airport and downtown airport over 4 separate fiber circuits along 2 redundant paths. While the southern route could be supported with 40km 100G optics, the 87km northern route exceeded the rated distances for these standard optics.


Approved Networks supplied the airport with the 8 Channel 100G Active DWDM Open Line System, paired with 100G PAM4 DWDM QSFP28 transceivers. This system’s combination of mux/demux, amplification, and dispersion compensation functionality in a compact 1RU enclosure has enough power to reach distances of up to 100km.


Once deployed, the airport will have 800G total throughput capacity on one pair of fibers. Since they only plan on lighting 3 channels initially, they will have 62.5% excess capacity, positioning them well for future growth. Once completed (scheduled for 2023), the new terminal will boast 39 new gates, as well as over 1,000,000 square feet of floor space and a 6,300-space parking structure.