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Solutions for
Carrier and Service Providers

Case Study #4

Cost Savings Future Proof Capacity to Independent Service Provider

90% Excess Capacity for Future Growth

97.5% Potential reduction in transceiver SKUs for sparing inventory

$50.4k Estimated Annual Savings on Cross-Connect Fees After Initial Deployment


An independent service provider was leasing space in a retail data center. They anticipated their future growth would mean incurring high annual fees for additional cross-connects between suites within the data center. To solve this challenge, they were initially considering a 16 channel CWDM single fiber solution.


Due to performance limitations of the lower 8 CWDM channels, Approved Networks instead proposed a DWDM solution that offered better performance and a higher port count to accommodate future growth. Our solution paired an 80-channel/40-service single fiber mux with tunable SFP+ and XFP optical transceivers. This solution also included our patented, award-winning uTune Director, a standalone device for tuning and locking DWDM optics.


Even though the service provider only lit 4 services on deployment, the solution will save over $50,000 in cross-connect fees. Every additional channel they light will represent an additional $7,200 in estimated savings. These additional channels add up to 90% excess capacity, positioning the service provider well for future growth. Lastly, using tunable optics greatly simplifies their inventory, or a potential 97.5% reduction in transceiver SKUs.