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Solutions for
Carrier and Service Providers

Case Study #2

Approved Networks Open Network Solution Passes the Test,
Excels in Service Provider Network


1.6TB/s Total Switching Capacity Added to Network

90 Days of Comprehensive Lab Testing for Interoperability and Performance

100% Performance Success Rate in Live Production Network


A service provider based in a large Midwestern city needed a new solution for a brownfield application. Their existing equipment was operating at capacity and was rapidly approaching the end-of-life deadline. While open network solutions would fulfill their capacity requirements and deliver the additional functionality they needed, it was also necessary to prove interoperability with their existing OEM routers.


Despite their concerns, this service provider ordered a complete turnkey open network solution from Approved Networks under a buy-and-try program. The Approved solution featured 10G Open Network Switches with 100G uplinks, powered by a network operating system from IP Infusion. In addition to sufficient capacity, this solution provided the full OSPF, BFD, and MPLS support that the service provider required.


In order to fully understand their new solution, the service provider performed extensive testing in their lab to ensure interoperability. After three full months, the solution was moved to the production network for further load testing.

Approved’s solution was fully up to the task, delivering error-free service and seamless compatibility in both lab and live environments. As a result, the service provider has added 1.6 TB/s of total switching capacity to their network. Furthermore, this solution is easily replicable, so the service provider will be able to replace future EOL equipment with confidence as the need arises.