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Industry Leading Provider of Optics Testing and Validation

New standards for high-speed Ethernet and optical transport require increasingly stringent testing. For over 14 years, telecom companies and data centers worldwide have utilized Approved's state-of-the-art lab to ensure that our optics are fully compliant within their environment. Testing is the cornerstone of Approved's success.

We test our optics at every major point along the production line; from auditing contract manufacturing facilities, to advanced functional, platform, and network testing upon arrival to our US laboratories located along the coast of Southern California.

Transceiver Performance Testing
Each module shipped from Approved undergoes a rigorous testing process prior to programming, including:
  • • Compliance Verification for Distance
  • • Wavelength
  • • Traffic Density
  • • Light
Environmental Test Facility

After being programmed for complete compatibility, modules are then tested in their intended switch/platform. Virtually every manufacturer is represented in Approved's production test bed in California.
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Network Emulation Testing

Due to our long-standing Telecom relationships, Approved uses Aeroflex/Shenick for our network emulation testing platform. Aeroflex/Shenick is a fully virtualized test and measurement solution that can emulate and measure millions of unique application flows. The test provides comprehensive measurement and performance analysis on each application flow. This allows us to easily and accurately locate and isolate problematic flows. Performance analysis of the optic in both real world and customer specific application flows are the only true way to guarantee design integrity and complete optical compliance.

* In today's third party market, testing is probably the most confusing aspect when selecting a third-party vendor. All vendors say they have a 100% tested third party optic. In actuality, very few online vendors actually test their product. Because they lack the resources to perform this comprehensive testing, they buy cheap, un-tested optics from overseas brokers and reship them without even taking inventory of the serial numbers they ship to you. These practices have negatively affected the IT industry for decades, and in turn play a big part in Approved's educational process. We are committed to transparency in our testing process and how it fits your particular needs. Please call your Approved rep for any questions regarding its testing capabilities.
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