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Approved Networks Launches 100G O-band Solution: A Cost-Saving, Eco-Friendly Solution for High-Speed Data

Posted by Kimberly Nguyen on Feb 29, 2024

Approved Networks Unveils Revolutionary QSFP28 100G O-band Transceiver and Single/Dual Fiber 16 Channel DWDM Passive Mux/Demux for Cost-Effective, High-Speed Data Transmission Up to 25km, Reducing Network Operation Costs and Minimizing Carbon Footprint

Approved Networks, a leading provider of third-party networking hardware, is proud to introduce a 1.6Tb/s O-band solution that requires NO POWER outside of your switch. This includes a QSFP28 O-Band transceiver and 16 channel Dual or Single Fiber O-band passive DWDM mux/demux solution. Together, the combination of the transceiver and DWDM mux/demux is specifically designed to get you multiple 100G services up to 25km without the need for additional components like dispersion compensation modules (DCMs) or amplifiers.

This solution is specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for multiple 100G high-speed data transmission in both Commercial and Enterprise spaces within 25km. Commercial applications include internet service providers (ISP) and data centers. Enterprise applications include municipalities, college campuses, hospitals, and banking institutions.

This O-band solution is a low-cost entry into 100G DWDM while staying “green” due to lower power consumption than active systems. This makes it more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, helping to reduce network operation costs and minimize the carbon footprint.

So, if you need to increase your bandwidth to 100G links, O-band is an excellent solution for distances under 25km and helps you avoid purchasing expensive solutions like an active DWDM system or ROADMs. O-band truly scales your network for the future.

"O-band fills the gap between expensive Coherent and active systems and short reach optics for 100G. This solution provides a simple and cost-effective option for the under 25km distances between any QSFP28 capable switch, allowing growth to 1.6TB/s," stated Larry Legg, Senior Product Design Engineer of Approved Networks. "The fact that this solution uses passive components and PAM4 technology for lower power consumption makes for an environmental and operational expense 'slam-dunk' solution!"

Find out more about the 100G O-band.

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