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Connecting New Government Buildings with an Eye to the Future

Posted by Larry Legg on Apr 1, 2020

The Open Line System: A New Kind of Interconnect

You are nearing the completion of a big new government building. The building is going to be the cornerstone for public/government interaction for decades to come. You are going to need to connect your existing main data center to the new building. While it is difficult to assess how much bandwidth capacity you will need in the future, you should build in enough capacity to avoid an upgrade every few years.

This article will discuss a solution that will help you in the future: Our Open Line Systems.

8 Channel Open Line System

Why it Makes Sense — Now and Later

A solution like this is ideal for new construction because since it ‘sets you up for the future. Even if you only light up two or three channels, in the beginning, the additional capacity on even the smaller eight-channel unit means you won’t have to add or swap out equipment for years to come.

This solution can be applied in today’s marketplace. Because the Open Line System packs a whole rack full of functionality into one compact unit (1RU or 2RU), it is considerably more affordable — from both a capital and operational expense standpoint — compared to most active solutions. This allows you to maximize your budget, leaving you with more leftover capital.