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Driving Expansion to 800G and Beyond

Posted by Tim Yanda on Mar 11, 2024

As we look toward the future, we have begun acquiring 800G test equipment and are preparing the Approved Network labs to support the ongoing expansion of capabilities. We recently discussed quality and what it takes to produce and manage a high-quality transceiver. Although form factors may be the same, QSFP, SFP, and OSFP, the electrical hand-offs, power consumption/heat dissipation, and optical connector types will likely differ. We need to ensure our labs and test stations are ready for these areas.

Rack space, electrical power, and cooling systems will all need attention as we expand our facilities. The good news is Legrand has been ensuring we have the resources to make this happen. The recent lab size and cooling capacity increase have positioned us for growth. On the equipment side, the first 800G switch has been installed, and 800G test equipment is on-site in anticipation of the turn-up of our 800G products.

The increased lab space has helped facilitate our ongoing proof-of-concept network designs that support a variety of 400ZR/ZR+ options. We have successfully tested an eight-port passive mux/demux network over 50+ km. This allows 3.2T of data to be run across a pair of fibers without amplification. These advanced technologies require a state-of-the-art lab, test equipment, and great staff.

Approved Networks prides itself on having excellent quality control processes and a well-educated team of technicians and engineers that strive to be the best in the industry. The latest in test equipment requires increased processes to test 800G products. The increased bandwidth requires focus on properly handling, installing, and managing the hardware and software. Simple tasks such as properly cleaning fiber jumpers and installing fiber plant will play an ever-increasing role in the success of turn up of ultra-high-capacity networks.

Our labs are equipped with state-of-the-art powering, HVAC, fiber management, and test equipment, including connector and optical port cleaning equipment. By keeping our labs up to date, we can provide the best experience to our customers when launching the newest technologies. Approved Networks is here to assist with your design and implementation of these high-capacity networks. Reach out to your sales representative to engage the Field Sales team to experience the latest options in optical transceivers and connectivity products.

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Timothy Yanda
Senior Director of Engineering
Approved Networks
Tim is Senior Director of Engineering with Approved Networks and manages complex technical tasks, so projects stay on time and within budget. He has the knack for quickly assessing business challenges and turn technological issues into common sense solutions.