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1000BASE-BX-D BiDi SFP 1490nm-TX/1310nm-RX 10-20km DOM LC SMF Transceiver

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Product Description

100% OEM Compatible 1000Base SFP Transceiver (SMF, Tx: 1490nm Rx: 1310nm, 20km, LC, DDM, Industrial Temp)

** Also 10km **

SFPLCSingle fiber1.25GB/sIndustrial temperature -40C to 85CSingle-mode fiber20km10kmMSA

Form Factor: SFP-Bidi Data Rate: 1.25Gb/s
Wavelength: 1490nm-RX/1310nm-TX Protocols: 1000BASE Ethernet | MSA Compliant | SFF-8472
Connector: LC Simplex Transmitter Type: DFB
Cable Type: SMF TX Power: Min: -9dBm/ Max -3dBm
Max Distance: 20km / 10km (12.43miles / 6.21 miles) RX Sensitivity: -23dBm
Temperature Range: Industrial Temp: -40°C to 85°C* Digital Diagnostics (DDM/DOM): Supported
Power Consumption: 1W Power Budget: 14dB

Approved's SFP-Bidi OEM Compatibility

The Approved Networks 1000BASE-BX-D BiDi SFP 1490nm-TX/1310nm-RX 10-20km DOM LC SMF Transceiver is guaranteed 100% Compatible and Functional in its intended router or switch, and it is 100% MSA compliant. Our SFP-Bidi transceiver comes with an Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty, surpassing the OEM warranty for the same product. Every SFP-Bidi transceiver is environmentally tested in its specific port/platform, which includes compliance verification for distance, wavelength, traffic density and light.

  • Accedian: 7SU-000
  • Accedian: 7SU-003
  • Adtran: 1442110G1
  • Adtran: 1442120G1
  • Adva: 61003015
  • Alcatel: 3FE25772AB
  • Alcatel: 3HE00868AB
  • Alcatel: 3HE00868AB-20
  • Alcatel: 3HE00868CB
  • Alcatel: 3HE00868CB-20
  • Alcatel: 3HE00869CB
  • Alcatel: ISFP-GIG-BX-D
  • Alcatel: SFP-GIG-BX-D
  • Alcatel: SFP-GIG-BX-D-20
  • Allied Telesis: AT-SPBD20-14
  • Arista: SFP-1G-BX-D
  • Avaya: AA1419070-E6
  • Brocade: E1MG-BXD
  • BTI: BP3AM1MS-BXD-20
  • Calix: 100-01669
  • Ciena: NTTP59BD
  • Ciena: XCVR-010U49
  • Ciena: XCVR-010U49-20
  • Cisco: GLC-BX-D-I
  • Cisco: GLC-BX-D-20-I
  • Comtrend: 3192430
  • Corning: 1LAN-SFP-4305BC
  • Cyan: 280-0105-00
  • Dell: 407-BBOO-43-10
  • Dell: 407-BBOO-43-20
  • Enterasys: MGBIC-BX10-D
  • Extreme: 10056
  • Extreme: 10056-20K
  • Extreme: MGBIC-BX20-D
  • Fortinet: FG-TRAN-BXD-10
  • Fortinet: FG-TRAN-BXD-20
  • Juniper: EX-SFP-GE10KT14R13
  • Juniper: EX-SFP-GE20KT14R13
  • Juniper: QFX-SFP-GE10KT14R13
  • Juniper: QFX-SFP-GE20KT14R13
  • Juniper: SFP-GE10KT14R13
  • Juniper: SFP-GE20KT14R13
  • Juniper: SRX-SFP-GE20KT14R13
  • Meraki: MA-SFP-1GB-BXD
  • MSA Generic: SFP-BX43-20-I
  • MSA OnePort Programmable: OP-SFP-BX43-20
  • Netgear: AGM732F-BX-D
  • Palo Alto: PAN-SFP-BX-D
  • RAD: SFP-17B
  • RAD: SFP17B
  • Source Photonics: SPL-43-GB-BX-IDFM
  • Telco: BTI-SFP-GBD10L-DD-49/31S
  • Telco: BTI-SFP-GBD20L-DD-49/31S
  • Telco: BTI-SFP-GBD10L-DD-49/31S-20K
  • Transition Networks: TN-GLC-BX-D
  • Transition Networks: TN-SFP-LXB12T-43
  • Ubiquiti Networks: UF-SM-1G-S-D34-10K
  • Ubiquiti Networks: UF-SM-1G-S-D-20K
  • Zhone: SFP-GE-BX-1490-SLC
  • Zhone: SFP-GE-BX20-43-SLC

If you don't see your platform listed, please contact our engineering and technical support team.

Tested. Trusted. Approved.

Guaranteed Compatible

Guaranteed Compatible

100% guaranteed compatible in over 90 OEM platforms

99.98% Reliability Rate

Reliability Rate

100% tested to exact MSA & OEM specifications

Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty

Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty

Industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty on all transceiver products

98% On-Time Delivery Rate

98% On-Time Delivery Rate

Extensive inventory guarantees immediate delivery on over 20,000 SKU's

Full Service Technical Support

Full Service Technical Support

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Up to 90% Savings

Savings of up to 90% off OEM Prices

Save up to 90% while improving deliverability & interoperability