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40GBASE-SWDM4 QSFP+ MMF 850-940nm 400m DDM Transceiver

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Product Description

100% OEM Compatible 40GBase-SWDM4 QSFP+ Transceiver (MMF, 850-940nm, 400m, LC, DDM, Commercial Temp)

QSFP+LCDuplex Fiber42GB/sCommercial temperature 0C to 70COM4OM5440mMSA Compliant

Form Factor: QSFP28-SWDM4 Data Rate: 42.0Gb/s Aggregate Bit Rate
Wavelength: 850nm, 880nm, 910nm, 940nm Protocols: 40G Ethernet, SFF-8436, SFF-8636, MSA Compliant
Connector: LC Duplex Transmitter Type: 4x10 Gbps CWDM transmitter; 850nm
Cable Type: MMF TX Power: Min: -7.5dBm Max: 2dBm
Max Distance: OM4: 400m (1181ft) | OM5: 500m (1443ft) RX Sensitivity (OMA) per Lane: -9.1dBm, -4.4dBm, -4.4dBm, -4.4dBm (L0-L3)
Temperature Range: Commercial temp: 0ºC to 70ºC Digital Diagnostics (DDM/DOM): Supported
Power Consumption: 1 W Power Budget: 6.4dB, 7.3dB, 7.5dB, 7.7dB (L0-L3)


Benefits of the SWDM4 transceiver

Open Interoperability: SWDM4 transceiver is based on an industry multi-standard agreement (SWDM-MSA) and is interoperable with other 100G SWDM4 transceivers. This avoids the risk of selecting a transceiver type that forces you to continue to use a single vendorproprietary solution like the QSFP28-BIDI.

Leverage Existing Fiber: Cost effectively increase bandwidth in your data center without changing your existing duplex multi-mode fiber (MMF). The SWDM4 transcevier seemless integrates 10, 40 to 100G LC terminations without an additional cost.

Power Dissipation: The SWDM4 power diossapation can be as low as 1.5W so it can used in any application that takes an SR4 standard.

Distance: By using OM5 multi-mode fiber, transmission distances can reach over 50% of what is capable with the QSFP28-BIDI.

Simple Network Monitoring: Unlike the QSFP28 BIDI which has two 50G channels, each transmitting and recieving simultaneously over each strand of a duplex fiber, the SWDM4's four wavelenghts transmit over a single fiber. The technology allows for you to use utilize your standard taps, montioring and security devices.

Tested. Trusted. Approved.

Guaranteed Compatible: In System tested in over 90 OEM switches, routers and servers.
99.98% Reliability Rate: Functionally, optically and environmentally tested to exact specifications.
Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty: For more information by product line, visit our Warranty page.
98% On-Time Delivery Rate: Extensive inventory guarantees same day shipping.
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