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The Latest From Larry Legg

Senior Product Design Engineer at Approved Networks

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Learning with Larry Legg

Larry Legg has been recognized as an expert in the telecommunications field through 33 years of key decision making. He keeps up to date with changes in the industry through continuing technical and professional development. Larry has led projects resulting in increased network efficiencies and reduced customer impact. He's just a humble guy who gets a bit embarrassed by too much attention. He just likes to do what he does.

Point of Presence

What's up PoP?

A PoP (or Point of Presence) is a collection of equipment that happens to be all in one place.

Small Cell Antennas

What is a Small Cell?

The term “Small Cell” refers to Small Cell Antennas vs. the dedicated free-standing towers with many antennas attached.

Edge Data Centers

Edge Data Centers. What are they?

Why are Edge Data Centers a hot topic? And what are they exactly?

Fiber-optic telecommunications

The Bandwidth Monster and Fiber Endpoints

How Do I Design My Fiber Network Based on Distance and Bandwidth Requirements?

100GB QSFP28 Optical Transceivers

What will my capacity look like in 2 to 5 years for 100G circuits?

This is the first of an ongoing series with Larry Legg, Approved Networks Senior Product Line Manager.